Tree Removal Burwood East

Arborist Tree Services for Burwood East

‘Working in Harmony with Nature’

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Freephone Anytime: 1800801278

    • Tree Cutting and Felling – Branch Lopping

    • Stump Removal (capability in difficult or confined spaces)

    • Tree Removal and Dangerous or Dead Limbs

    • Mulching and Chipping, Mulch Sales and Donation

    • Tree Shaping and Aesthetics

    • Tree Pruning, Hedge Trimming and Crown Reduction

    • Timber Furniture and Milling Service

Let us remove trees that are dead, dying or dangerous, creating a security risk by overhanging roofs and reducing light. Some trees have just grown too large for the garden and are cracking paths and walls, blocking drains, encroaching into or from next door’s property.

    • We are Qualified Arborists, Tree Climbers and Skilled Tree Technicians
    • We Specialise in Storm Damage, Flood Damage, Fires and other Natural Disasters
    • We Offer Careful Inspection and Assessment with Advice
    • Insurance Work and Assistance with Council Permits and Legal Issues
    • We Hold Full Public Liability Insurance and Full Critical Injury Insurance
    • 24hr – 7 day Emergency Service
    • Government Contractor – Residential and Commercial Properties. Golf Courses,
      Schools & Universities, Hospitals & Residential Homes, Parks & Gardens etc